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Smoke Making Machine

Smoke Making Machine

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Bacchus Tools



 Bar Tools Type: Martini Makers

Material: Plastic


Bar Tools: Cocktail Bubbler Kit, LXosff Cocktail Smoker, Portable Smoke Infuser Molecular Bubble Water Sprayer Handheld Beverage Smoker Kit for Bar Kitchen Restaurant.

Cocktail Smoke Gun Bubble Gun Smoke Making Machine Smoke Gun Molecular Cuisine Coffee Bubble Machine: Bartending Smoke Making Machine Smoke Smoked Bubble Gun Molecular Cuisine Milk Tea and Coffee Cocktail Smoked Bubble Gun

Cocktail Smoked Bubble Gun: Hand-Held Smoked Bubble Gun

Bar Wine Mixer Cocktail Smoked Bubble Gun: Milk Tea Bubble Machine

Vapour Blaster: Herb Extract Essential Oil Smoker

USB Charging Bubble Gun for Cocktail Drink: Good For Smoked Food

Pizza and Food Cooking: Herb Extract Essential Oil Smoker


Cocktail Smoker Kit, Handheld Smoked Bubble Gun,Smoke Generator Tool, Vapour Blaster, Herb Extract Essential Oil Smoker, USB Charging Bubble Gun for Cocktail Drink,Whiskey,Meat, Pizza and Food Cooking, Herb Extract Essential Oil Smoker, Good For Smoked Food, Cocktails

1. Enjoy a delicious and visually creative experience. Large-capacity fog chamber that produces more smoke quickly, ideal for cocktails or molecular cooking. And can be used as a smoking gun to quickly smoke all kinds of food.
2. One-button operation, no need for an open flame, simple and stable foaming. Or produce a strong cold smoke that is easily absorbed by food and drink, resulting in a soft smoky flavor.
3. Powered by USB charging, can be used anywhere; suitable for your home kitchen, bar, restaurant or outdoor use, such as BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing, etc.
4. Every time you change, you need to clean the cigarette case and replace the wick to avoid odor. It is recommended to separate different fragrances and use different essential oil bins and cores.
5.Ideal gift choice, this smoke set is perfect for yourself or smoke lovers, or a chef or bartender's right-hand man. This is a great gift for dad, husband, wife, friend or anyone on your list.
Product Description
1. Food smoking gun will give you a wonderful visual sensory feast.
2. Creating a cascading waterfall of culinary smoke when use it.
3. Lemon slices, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, and mint can be added as auxiliary ingredients to the drink, which not only has beautiful visual impact, but also enriches the taste of the drink.
4. It can be used not only to smoke beverages, but also to smoke food, such as beef, fish, turkey, cheese, vegetables, etc. You can decide how to use it according to your own preferences.

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