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Spray Gun for Champagne, Wine, Beer

Spray Gun for Champagne, Wine, Beer

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Bacchus Tools

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Color: red, gold, black

Size: 15x16CM

Champagne Wine Dispenser Bottle Beer Ejector Feeding Bottle Beer Spray Gun Bottle Cap Wine Stopper Ejector Feeding Wine Stopper


1 This is a very interesting device, the production technology and quality are very good, and the hand feels very good.


2 This is a crazy new method of spraying champagne to make it more interesting and reduce confusion! The Resafy champagne gun can be packed in a champagne bottle and become a durable champagne gun.


3 You can use this party to fill a bottle of champagne brand, then use a sprayer to put a bottle of champagne on it, shake it, and spray the sparkling champagne on your friends or enemies.


4 Humanized design: Throttle valve trigger can control short-distance or long-distance spray; pre-formed finger grip, comfortable hand feeling; as a bottle stopper to keep the champagne fresh and bubbly.


5 Not only drink, you can also spray: the unique design even provides power through carbonation inside the champagne bottle, so there is no need to shake it-just click to spray.

Package Included:

1*Wine Sprayer

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