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Champagne Bottle opener

Champagne Bottle opener

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Simple and fast: Due to the leverage effect, cork plugs can be quickly, easily, and practically removed.
Suitable for: very suitable for patients with arthritis or tendon weakness, very suitable for the elderly.
Gift selection: An excellent gift for someone who has everything.
Safety: After using the cork, it should be safely disposed of.
Material: Made of zinc alloy and ABS, durable and long-lasting.
1. Use a bottle opener to cork the bottle mouth
2. Grasp the bottom and lift the handle to open the cork stopper.
Type: A, B
Champagne bottle opener material: zinc alloy+ABS
Champagne cork material: 430 stainless steel
Champagne bottle opener color: Silver
Champagne cork color: Silver
Champagne cork size (approximately): 4 x 5.8 cm/1.57 x 2.28 inches (diameter x height)
Class A:
1 piece * Champagne bottle opener
Class B:
1 piece * Champagne bottle opener
1 * Champagne cork
The color of the bottle opener may have a slight deviation
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