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wood liquor dispenser

wood liquor dispenser

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Make your home like a bar Anytime, Great for the party!!

The dispenser will accept most types of bottles up to2.5 liters. Do not drill holes in bottles, and no additional steps are required. We tested different brands of alcohol

Movable wine cellar- Over time, beverages in oak barrels will enhance their flavor profiledue to the stretching of useful oak trace elements and enzymes.

Manual and automatic 2-in-1 wine dispenser-And most importantly, you can control the speed of wine flowing out by turning the taps.

Unique gift for all wine lovers, the best gift for Father's Day, Christmas. Works well with whiskey, wine, cocktails, tequila, vodka, and even coke.

Summer is coming, would you want a glass of cold beer or coke? Share this with your family and friends.

Handmade Double liquor dispenser.This rustic dispenser is a cool gift for the man's cave, office or bar, and will also look great with any loft-style or vintage items.

The dispenser portion is made of brass, water fittings are used. All brass parts are thoroughly rinsed.

The bases is hand turned solid oak, finished with a light oil finish or shellac finish, to give a close to the wood look. These are all made by hand, and free form. It is impossible to make the design the same for each and every order. The design is varied to help hide, or accentuate various flaws, and characteristics in the wood.

Product size

Single Outlet: length 10*width 20*height 23cm, weight 0.5kg Packing size: 22*12*15cm  

Double Outlet: length 20*width 20*height 23cm, weight 1.2kg Packing size: 24*12*20cm  

Triple Outlet: length 30*width 20*height 23cm, weight: 1.5kg Packing size: 30.5*12*20cm

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